Multimedia & Webpage Design - Course Information
Multimedia & Webpage Design
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A. Multimedia and Graphic Design
   1.00 - Understand design.
       1.01 - Understand typography, multiuse design principles, and elements
       1.02 - Understand digital communication products
   2.00 - Understand digital image design
       2.01 - Understand digital raster graphics
       2.02 - Understand digital vector graphics 
B. Interactive Website Design and Development
   3.00 - Understand time based media.
       3.01 - Understand principles of audio and video
       3.02 - Understand basic motion graphic programming. 
   4.00 -  Understand the fundamentals of web design
      4.01 - Understand the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS
       4.02 - Understand the concepts of responsive web design 
Course Information
DAILY NEEDS: All students should bring the following items to class DAILY:
1. Composition/spiral-bound notebook to take notes
2. 1” three-ring binder or folder for daily handouts, study guides, etc.
3. (2) No. 2 wooden pencils for testing
4. Blue or black ink pen (NO red)
5. Highlighter for study guides
CLASS SUPPLIES: Please bring these items to class for use during the semester:
1 Box of tissues
1 Ream of Paper (8 1/2 x 11)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
GRADING SCALE: The course grading scale is in accordance with the WCPS grading policy and is:
A 90 - 100
B 80 - 89
C 70 - 79
D 60 - 69
F below 60
COURSE MAKEUP: The grade for this course will be calculated by combining the following averages:

a.      Classwork / Vocabulary /  Homework                        40%

b.       Tests / Projects                                                      20%

c.        Quarterly Tests                                                      20%

d.      Notebook                                                               20%


All work missed due to an EXCUSED absence should be made up within five school days.
In accordance with county policy, the Internet will be used for curriculum purposes only. Personal use of the Internet is not permitted at any time in the business lab. Students must abide by WCPS Policy 3225-Internet and the Educational Program or lose the privilege of using the Internet in the lab.