Principles of Business


This course introduces students to topics related to business, finance, management, and marketing to cover business in the global economy, functions of business organization and management, marketing basics, and significance of business financial and risk management. English language arts, social studies, and mathematics are reinforced.


Throughout this course, students will learn how to: 

  1. Understand communication skills and customer relations.
  2. Understand information management.
  3. Understand professional development.
  4. Understand business operations management.
  5. Understand economics.
  6. Understand financial analysis.
  7. Understand marketing and business management.

 Materials Needed Daily:

  1. 3-ring binder (at least 1 ½‘’)
  2. Loose-leaf paper
  3. 5 Divider Tabs
  4. Pencils & Pens

Grading Policy:

  1. Grades given for class work, class participation, project and notebook.
  2. Vocabulary and other tests during semester based on score.
  3. Quarterly tests given to enhance learning
  4. Final exam counts 20% of course grade.
  5. Weights for course work:                                                            
    1. Classwork / Vocabulary /  Homework                       10%
    2. Tests / Projects                                                     40%
    3. Quiz                                                                     25%
    4. Notebook                                                              25%

 Missed Assignments and Make-Up Policy:

Any work missed will need to be made up. It is the student’s responsibility to make up work within five days. This policy also applies for any missed tests. Time can be arranged before and after school upon permission from the teacher. 

Notebook Checks:

There will be notebook checks on test day. It is vital to keep a good notebook as notebook checks are 20% of your grade in this class.   

Class Expectations:                                           

  1. Practice being a good citizen everyday! There should be no horseplay in the classroom, always be respectful of everyone around you, and keep your work area and the classroom clean.
  2. Always be prepared for class by being in your seat when the bell rings and have your pencils and notebook ready.
  3. NEVER share your computer password with anyone. You are responsible for keeping your electronic files secure.
  4. Absolutely NO food, drinks, candy, etc. allowed in the classroom.
  5. Appropriate behavior is expected and demanded at all times.
  6. Other expectations as described by the teacher in the classroom setting.