Course Expectations

Student Responsibilities
1.  Notebook and writing instrument are required each day.
2.  Students working in the shop/greenhouse/lab will be required to dress appropriately for safety.
3.  Students must follow rules in class and in the shop/greenhouse/lab or be subject to consequences as outlined in the Student Handbook.
Grading will be done using a seven point scale.  Grades will be based on in-class assignments, tests, and shop activity performance.  General attitude and behavior will also be factors in determining grades.  Progress reports will be sent home every 3 weeks.
There will be a 4 1/2 week exam given to determine mastery of VoCATs objectives.  There will be a midterm exam.
There is a State VoCATs exam for every agriculture course.
Course Rules
Class rules are established by routine and tradition and include:
Raise your hand.
Remain seated.
Remain quiet.
Do not bother other peoples' possessions.
There are basic rules that cover most situations.  Other rules apply to specific activities and/or shop areas and are presented when appropriate.
It is intentional that there be an atmosphere of mutual respect in all agriculture classes.  This tone is established by the instructor and enforced in practice by all parties, (teacher and students).  Every effort is made to reproduce a realistic environment in which to work, and students are encouraged to participate as fully as possible.
It's not just farming anymore.
FFA is an integral part of Agriculture Education.  FFA will be taught in class.  Its' traditions and leadership tenets as well as the values that FFA intends to transmit to students will be practiced on a daily basis.  Students are not forced to become members of the FFA.   However, students should consider becoming active members in the organization so that they can maximize their agricultural education experience.
FFA builds leaders.  It also builds people who are trustworthy, competent, and dependable.  There is every reason for any young person to become a member.  There is not good reason not to become a member.  The difference it makes is real and it lasts a lifetime.

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