Class Expectations


Welcome to our class. I am sure that you have many questions about how I will run our classroom. I strongly suggest that you look over this document. The answers to most questions you might have are included in here.  

In English II, students will study World Literature that spans the continents and the millennia, thus being exposed to many different cultural perspectives and mindsets. I emphasize vocabulary development and the mastery of grammatical skills, but we will also improve our reading comprehension by reading and analyzing more and more difficult texts. We will also write across genres and understand composition.

Honors students will be required to work independently on several projects, either alone or in groups in order to strengthen analytical skills, evaluate texts and demonstrate comprehension. Honors students will be expected to be critical, inquisitive, and ready to learn about global issues in this course. They will be reading more challenging texts and will produce work that shows that deeper engagement with the material.


  • Materials: pens, pencils, a binder, your composition notebook, loose-leaf paper, a deck of index cards, sticky notes, highlighters, and your book every day unless I specifically tell you that you do not need to bring these things
  • USE MY WEBSITE – you will find a lot of info there.
  • School Rules: Of course, all school rules apply. Don’t even ask. 
  • Class Rules:
  • Be Here   In body and spirit. If you don’t come to school or do not pay attention, I can’t help you.
  • Be Prepared   Bring your stuff. Turn in your work on time. Know when tests, etc. are scheduled.
  • Use Common Sense   If you think you might get in trouble for doing something, don’t do it.
  • If You Don’t Know, Ask   I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t always know when you need help.
  • Be responsible   I do not give you a grade; you earn it. If you are responsible enough to have a permit, a   phone, an Instagram account, you are responsible enough to pass this class.
    • Consequences: the usual:First offense: verbal warning; Second offense: one-on-on talk, call to parents; Third offense: write up, ISS
    • Late Work: Due dates are due dates. Work is due in the “box” at the beginning of class. If you are absent on turn-in day, you are responsible to get your work to me the next day you are in class. I will accept lates, but you will lose 10 points for each school day your work is late up to 40 points.
    • Handouts: I will make as many copies of each handout as I have students. If you lose yours, you will not get another copy from me. See whether you can copy someone else’s handout somehow. As a ray of hope: most handouts are also on my website; you can print them off there.
    • Homework: There will be some homework most days, and since it will be either writing assignments or studying for vocab tests or reading quizzes, it is in your best interest to do it. Understand this: we all have a life outside school. But boyfriends, girlfriends, after school jobs, sports – they all will take a backseat to school. I will not accept any excuses if your homework is not done. 
    • Plagiarism: I will consider your work plagiarized if it contains as little as one sentence that was taken from someone else’s work. Simply rewording someone else’s work is also plagiarism. Plagiarism will earn you a zero for that assignment and you are obviously not allowed to re-do that assignment since you cheated.
    • Tests, Quizzes, Writing Assignments, Grading: You are responsible to remind me that you have work to make up, and to make sure that you have all the materials you need for the test – handouts, copies, or notes.
    • Grading scale: Spring Creek High School uses the seven-point grading scale. Here’s how your work will be weighted:
  • Tests: 30 % - Projects/Essays: 30 % - Quizzes: 15 % - Homework/Journals/Classwork: 15 % - Classwork/participation: 10%
  • Each nine weeks will count as 40%, EOC will count as 20% of your final grade.
  • Tests: You can do test corrections on multiple choice items for half credit for the five days following the test – before class, during lunch or after class.
  • Writing assignments: If you do not get the grade you hoped to get, re-write. I will accept rewrites several times, and only count your highest grade for the assignment.
  • Participation in athletics: Athletics are a choice. English II is not. Do not expect me to give you extended time for an assignment because you left early to participate in an event.
    • What to Do When You Missed a Class:
  • Check online
  • See me: I try to keep a folder with materials that we used during that time, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you get your make-up work from me.
  • Make up work: If you were present when we covered the material, you will have to make up the test or the quiz the next day. If you missed several days, see me and I will tell you the latest possible day to make up the test or the quiz.


A Note to Parents/Guardians: 

As we begin our semester, I am very excited and eager to assist your student in successful completion of my course. 10th grade students are learning how to write coherent essays, so that a premium will be put on writing assignments in preparation for the ACT test in 11th grade. Your students will also have to pass the End of Course exam (EOC). Hard work and consistency are essential for success. 

 * I send progress reports home every three weeks to ensure that you are aware of how your child is doing in the class. I can also email progress reports to you. You can also check your student’s grade online every day.

* You can sign up for text messages from me about upcoming assignments, etc. Check on my webpage how to do that.

 * You can follow our class calendar on Browse to our school, pick my class website, and look on the left side of the screen. I try and update the schedule as we go, but sometimes, unforeseeable events will intervene and the schedule might not be completely accurate. However, it will be close enough for you to see when your student has a test or when a major assignment is due.

 * My email is  Please feel free to email me anytime and I will reply as soon as possible. You can also reach me at (919) 751-7160.   

I look forward to working with your student and to establishing communication with the parents/guardians since communication is essential to your student’s success. Please let me know if you have any problems or concerns.    


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