Honors Information

Dear Rising English II Honors Students and Parents,

Welcome to Honors English II.  My name is Ina Royer, and I will be your English II teacher this semester.  In order to learn and understand the context of this course, there are at least two books that you will be required to read independently during the course of the semester. These books are The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak and Maus I – My Father Bleeds History by Art Spiegelman. You will be required to complete reading journals to help you understand the readings.  You will also complete at least one presentation on material that we treat in class. You may choose to base your presentations on the books you read. I will communicate the rubrics for the journals and the due dates during the semester to you. If you feel that you cannot handle "that much" outside reading, please contact Guidance and you will be placed in a Standard class.

While I require that you HAVE ACCESS to the books, I do not require that you buy a new copy. Saying that you couldn’t complete the out-of-class reading portion of our curriculum because the books were not in stock at the local book store or at the library is no excuse. Here are some cheap ways to get them:

·  I have some names of former students who will sell their used copies – first come, first serve

·  I also have some personal copies that I will LOAN out – first come, first serve, and enough of Maus for everyone.

·  Libraries (if your local library does not have the book in stock, ask for an inter-library loan; it's free.) If you are military, don't forget the library on base.

·  www.abebooks.com- literally millions of used books, starting at $1.00

·  www.ebay.com- well, as we all know, one can find anything on Ebay

·  www.amazon.com- check out the "Buying Options;" there are lots of used books for sale there, too

·  www.bamm.com- this is Books-A-Million, but the website is usually cheaper than the store.Also, you can use your member card and possibly save money by pooling orders with your classmates; delivery is usually free for orders over $25.00

·  www.betterworld.com - another onlineused-bookstore, but one that gives back to Literacy Projects

·  I have mine downloaded on my Kindle – cheaper than a “real” book, but not free.

·  And finally: check out your local used-bookstore.There is one in Goldsboro and several in Raleigh and Greenville.Some accept internet orders.

 You are of course allowed to buy shiny, new, nice-smelling books, but let's save your parents some money and keep some paper out of landfills by re-using what's already out there. 

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