A Message for Parents

Hello parents. If you are reading this page, you probably have a child in one of my classes,which means s/he is in high school. It is a trying time in most teenagers' lives, with lots of pressures both social and academic. To get them through it, everyone involved will need to do their job. I will have to do my job, they will have to do their job, and you will have to do your job.


My job is to teach them whatever is on the curriculum for the class they are taking with me. I will do that job as professionally as I can. I will present the material to them in clear language, answer any questions they have about it, and give them ample opportunities to practice. I will assess their knowledge and skills every day, and when an assessment is graded it will be done fairly with no bias on my part.


Their job is to come to class prepared to work every day. They should have their supplies with them, walk in, pick up any papers for the day that are on the front table, and go to their seat. If there is a warm up, they are to start on it immediately. When I lecture, your child is expected to pay attention, take notes when appropriate, think about what is being said, and ask questions to clarify anything they do not understand. When practice work is given, your child is expected to do that work, taking advantage of any class time given to ask me questions about that work, should any arise. If the work is not finished during regular class time, your child is expected to finish it for homework. They may ask me questions on subsequent days as long as they do not try to interrupt lecture time, set up after school tutoring with me (they must arrange their own transportation home), or stop by in the mornings between 7:25 and 7:45,so long as they are not late to their 1st block class.When absent, your child is responsible for getting the work they missed and copying any notes they missed from their peers, or they can see me after school for catch-up teaching. 


Your job is to make sure they understand how important their education is to you. Whether you choose to use the parent portal to keep up with their performance or just trust them to bring you their progress reports, your involvement will tell them that school is important. I can tell them until I am blue in the face, but let's face it, I am not the most important person in their life. You are! You are the ones who feed them, cloth them, and love them. Your child needs you still, to guide them through this rough patch where they are tempted by peer pressure to do anything but succeed in school. If you do no think that education is important, then they will not think so, and if they do not think education is important, they will do poorly in school. Nothing I can say or do will change their minds. Only you can do that.